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      【 liuxue86.com - 邀请函英文 】





        I would hereby invite the members of Beijing delegation totally 4 persons (listed attachment) led by you, to come over to ***(country) for *** (exposition), which is to be held at *** (place)during *** (date). Please make the necessary arrangements for your delegation to arrive in *** (country). During the exposition, you will stay here for *** days. All your expenses including international air tickets, local transportation, accommodations, medical insurances and all other related expenses during your stay here will be paid by yourselves. We are looking forward to greeting you in *** (country) very soon.

        Yours sincerely, (Signature) 商务邀请函是正式公函,请用单位带英文抬头、地址、电话的信纸打印,结尾加盖公章。


        July 29, 2014

        XXX, CEO

        XXX, VP Sales

        XXXXXXXX Corporation


        It’s our great honor to invite you to visit XXX Company located at (address) in August, 2003. This visit will provide an opportunity for you to make a better understanding of our marketing issues, and to communicate our future business cooperation in detail.

        XXX Company, as one of your distributors in China, has been great progressing in promoting and selling your products. We believe this visit will be of great benefit to our future business cooperation.

        Please use this invitation letter to apply for your VISA to China.

        We are all looking forward to seeing you soon, and should you have any questions, please feel free to inform me.

        Yours truly,


        Vice President Sales

        XXX Company


        加拿大商务访问邀请函必须包含以下信息: 被邀请人的信息

        被邀请人的信息 About the person being invited 全名 / complete name

        生日 / date of birth, if known

        职务及所代表的公司 / the company represented and the person’s position

        该人的住址 电话(工作/住宅)/ the person’s address and telephone number (both work and home)

        你公司与被邀人的商务关系及历史 / your company’s relationship to the invitee and your business history together

        你是否与该人相知,关系如何whether you know the visitor personally, and if you are related

        访问目的(如需长期逗留,请解释原因)the purpose of the trip (if part of a longer-term project, please provide context)

        访问时间和期限the length of time the person will be visiting your company in Canada


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        想了解更多邀请函英文网的资讯,请访问: 邀请函英文

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