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      2014-09-10 09:44


      【 liuxue86.com - 邀请函模板 】




        Invitation Letter

        Dear Sir of Embassy of China,

        We would hereby invite Mr. Vasilay Santham from GlobalSteel (India) PVT. Ltd. to come over to our company for business activities from 10th Aug, 2014 to 10th Sep, 2009. His information is as following:

        Name: Vasilay Santham

        Sex: Male

        Date of Birth: 1st jan, 1950

        Passport No.: G3252594

        He will go back to India soon after his visit.

        We would appreciate you a lot for your kind help!


        General Manager

        xxx Co., Ltd.

        August 7, 2009


        Dear Sir or Madam:

        We are very pleased to invite Mr. _____ come to our factory for visiting and business negotiation. The business trip will start from 18th April 2014 . And because the long business co-operation in future between ______ and us, they will come to China for many times. Please note, however, that we don’t assume any legal or financial responsibility whatever regarding the presence of _______ in China. All expenses of _______journey to/from China, their stay in China as well as health insurance will be borne by their employers.

        We send you our kindest regards and best wishes for a pleasant trip.

        Yours sincerely,

        General Manager signatur

        July 29, 2005


        Dear sir/madam:

        I'm delighted that you have accepted our invitation to speak at the Conference in [city] on [date].

        As we agreed, you'll be speaking on the topic... from [time] to [time]. There will be an additional minutes for questions.

        Would you please tell me what kind of audio-visual equipment you'll need. If you could let me know your specific requirements by [date], I'll have plenty of time to make sure that the hotel provides you with what you need.

        Thank you again for agreeing to speak. I look forward to hearing from you.

        Sincerely yours,



        Dear sir/madam:

        Thank you for your letter of [date]. I'm glad that you are also going to [place] next month. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the [exhibition/trade fair].

        Our company is having a reception at [hotel] on the evening of [date] and I would be very pleased if you could attend.

        I look forward to hearing from you soon.

        Yours sincerely,



        Dear sir/madam:

        We would like to invite you to an exclusive presentation of our new [product]. The presentation will take place at [location], at [time] on [date]. There will also be a reception at [time]. We hope you and your colleagues will be able to attend.

        [company] is a leading producer of high-quality . As you well know, recent technological advances have made increasingly affordable to the public. Our new models offer superb quality and sophistication with economy, and their new features give them distinct advantages over similar products from other manufacturers.

        We look forward to seeing you on [date]. Just call our office at [phone number] and we will be glad to secure a place for you.

        Sincerely yours,



        Dear Smith,

        I would hereby invite the members of Frankfurt delegation totally 2 persons (listed attachment) led by you, to come over to China for 2014 ABC Exposition, which is to be held at Beijing during October and November 2014. Please make the necessary arrangements for your delegation to arrive in China. During the exposition, you will stay here for 7 days.

        All your expenses including international air tickets, local transportation, accommodations, medical insurances and all other related expenses during your stay here will be paid by yourselves.

        We are looking forward to greeting you in Beijing very soon.

        Yours sincerely,

        Zhang San


        Dear sir/madam:

        On [date], we will host an evening of celebration in honor of the retirement of [name], President of [company]. You are cordially invited to attend the celebration at [hotel], [location], on [date] from to p.m.

        [name] has been the President of [company] since [year]. During this period, [company] expanded its business from to . Now its our opportunity to thank him for his years of exemplary leadership and wish him well for a happy retirement. Please join us to say Good-bye to [name].

        See you on [date].

        Yours sincerely



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